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PEI International Features AltResources Zombie Fund Whitepaper

Recently Private Equity International reprinted the AltResources Whitepaper It’s Always Darkest before the Dawn: Managing Zombie Funds in Today’s Environment as part of their PE Manager Newsletter. We are pleased to participate in the discussion of how to deal with these un-dead funds that unites the interests of general and limited partners.

Link to PEI International

Link to White Paper reprint

Link to Original White Paper

About AltResources

AltResources is a leading provider of trusted, independent administrative services for private equity, venture capital and buyout funds and other closed-end, committed capital structures, including energy, infrastructure, mezzanine and real estate. The firm provides a range of accounting, tax and compliance services customized to meet the needs of each client through an experienced team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

For information, contact:

John Wiencek

AltResources LLC


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